Yoshiyuki Yokoyama
Kanji 横山 善之
Romaji Yokoyama Yoshiyuki
Other names Yokko
Biographical Information
Birthday June 29, 1989
Age 29
Zodiac Cancer
Color Purple
In order to reintroduce this self-proclaimed natural space case, a self-introduction renewal is called for!

–Hollywood Call.

Yoshiyuki Yokoyama (横山 善之 Yokoyama Yoshiyuki) is a member of Zen the Hollywood and leader of the premium unit "Maron A". His color is purple.


Yokko became a member of Zen the Hollywood in 2014.

Songs Edit

  • Eien Never Ever/ Eternally Never Ever
  • Hollywood Rule 1 2 5
  • Heart Zenboku Sengen!/ Full-Hearted Declaration!
  • Kiseki no YES/ The Miraculous YES
  • Seishun HAS COME/ Youth HAS COME
  • Air Boys
  • Koi no Reopaado Batoru/ Love's Leopard Battle (with Tora-chan, Yuma, and Inoue)
  • BUY or DIE (with Maron A)

Trivia Edit

  • He has a Vine account, where he gives himself and the other members a challenge or just posts fun Vines.
  • Yokko took a leave of absence from ZenHari for quite a while for unexplained reasons in September 2014, but came back in the beginning of the next year.
  • If ZenHari was a family, Inoue believes that Yokko would be something like the pet dog. Of course, he means that with good intentions.
  • He has a dog named Leo.
  • On Yuma's 17th birthday, Yokko was responsible for dropping the birthday cake.

Gallery Edit