Yamabiko Friends
Yamabiko Friends
Kanji やまびこ・フレンズ
Romaji Yamabiko Furenzu
Type Orphanage
Owner Unknown
Residents Minoru Tomii
Daiki Tomii
Taku Endō
Location Tokyo
Status Active
Yamabiko Friends (やまびこ・フレンズ Yamabiko Furenzu) is an orphanage, the place were Minoru and Daiki Tomii grew up.

Description Edit

Minoru lived there as a kid. After a couple of years, he visited the orphanage again and saw a young Daiki playing on his own. He encouraged him and promised that in the future Daiki will also make a lot of friends.[1]

Daiki has been living at Yamabiko Friends since he was 5 years old.

Known residents Edit


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