Yūma Abe
Yuma Abe
Kanji 阿部 悠真
Romaji Yokoyama Yoshiyuki
Other names Uma
Biographical Information
Birthday January 8, 1998
Age 20
Zodiac Capricornius
Color Red
Dancing a lot and eating a lot, the youngest member who sweats the most is Abe Yu…?

–Hollywood Call.

Yūma Abe (阿部 悠真 Abe Yūma) is a member of Zen the Hollywood. His color is red.


Uma became a member of Zen the Hollywood in 2014.

Songs Edit

  • Eien Never Ever/ Eternally Never Ever (central position)
  • Hollywood Rule 1 2 5
  • Heart Zenboku Sengen!/ Full-Hearted Declaration!
  • Kiseki no YES/ The Miraculous YES
  • Seishun HAS COME/ Youth HAS COME
  • AIR BOYS (central position)
  • Akai Hako no Kurakka ~Let's Party~/ Red Box of Crackers ~Let's Party~ (with Kairin and Inoue)
  • Koi no Reopaado Batoru/ Love’s Leopard Battle (with Tora-chan, Yokko, and Inoue)
  • BUY or DIE (with Maron A)

Trivia Edit

  • He was a part of the Autumn Team with Kairin before the group was named Zen the Hollywood.
  • A week before their major debut, Yuma got the flu and stayed in bed the entire time and missed ZenHari Fan Events. Luckily, he came back the day before their debut for rehearsal.
  • He likes to watch American movies.
  • He has a dog named Gon-chan.
  • Yuma appears in Yokko's Vines often and gets along well with him.
  • If ZenHari were a family, Inoue believes that Yuma would be twins with Kairin. Both of them would be the younger brothers of Tora-chan.
  • On Yuma's 17th birthday, Yokko dropped his birthday cake but everything was resolved.
  • He can successfully do a handstand.

Gallery Edit