Yūki Inoue
Kanji 井上 雄貴
Romaji Inoue Yūki
Other names Inoue
Biographical Information
Birthday January 23, 1995
Age 25
Zodiac Aquarius
Color Orange
Graduation June 27, 2015
If you're talking about the dead serious Sales Department idol in glasses…

–Hollywood Call.

Yūki Inoue (井上 雄貴 Inoue Yūki) is a former member of Zen the Hollywood. His color was orange.

Inoue voiced two characters in Shounen Hollywood. In Holly Stage for 49, he voiced Katsuya Suyama, one of Makki's gang friends in high school. In Holly Stage for 50, he voiced Ino.


Inoue graduated from the group on June 27, 2015 due to throat problems.

Songs Edit

  • Eien Never Ever/ Eternally Never Ever
  • Hollywood Rule 1 2 5
  • Heart Zenboku Sengen!/ Full-Hearted Declaration! (Central Position)
  • Kiseki no YES/ The Miraculous YES
  • Seishun HAS COME/ Youth HAS COME
  • Akai Hako no Kurakka ~Let's Party~/ Red Box of Crackers ~Let's Party~ (with Yuma and Kairin)
  • Koi no Reopaado Batoru/ Love's Leopard Battle (with Tora-chan, Yokko, and Yuma)

Trivia Edit

  • He does TwitCasting everyday. It was originally as a countdown for their Major Debut, but he decided to do it everyday to stay in touch with ZenHari fans.
  • In celebration of their major debut, Inoue decided to make an eggshell mosaic of the Zen the Hollywood emblem.
  • He studied at Tokyo Announce Gakuin to become a seiyu, the same school as popular seiyus Takuma Terashima and Noriaki Sugiyama. He graduated on March 12, 2015.
  • In high school, he joined the Light Music Club. His mother bought him an acoustic guitar, which he still uses today. He arranged an acoustic version of Heart Zenboku Sengen for his Shounen Hollywood Idol Project and sang along.
  • He has a dog named Chite.
  • He wore contacts for his Shounen Hollywood Idol Project audition.
  • He said that he wasn't a good student in high school.
  • In Inoue's family he has a father, a mother, an older sister and a dog.
  • His favorite food is fried rice. His favorite snack is potato chips.

Gallery Edit