Shigeaki Kasai
Shige Kasai
Kanji 笠井 薫明
Romaji Kasai Shigeaki
Other names Shige
Biographical Information
Birthday May 11, 1991
Age 27
Zodiac Taurus
Color Green
1, 2, 3…

–Hollywood Call.

Shigeaki Kasai (笠井 薫明 Kasai Shigeaki) is the leader of Zen the Hollywood. His color is green.


Kasai was born on May 11, 1991 in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. He attended and graduated from the Hinode Junior and Senior High School. He debuted as an actor at the age of sixteen in the movie 14-Sai, where he played Daiki Amamiya. Soon after, Kasai joined Ebisu Daikokuchi Agency and began to appear in movies and television series.

In April 2013, he was a candidate for the Shounen Hollywood project and became a member of Zen the Hollywood. In April 2014, he became the leader of the group.

Songs Edit

  • Eien Never Ever/ Eternally Never Ever
  • Hollywood Rule 1 2 5
  • Heart Zenboku Sengen!/ Full-Hearted Declaration!
  • Kiseki no YES/ The Miraculous YES
  • Air Boys
  • Seishun HAS COME/ Youth HAS COME
  • Maji de JIN JIN/ This Seriously Tingles (with Ouji)
  • Kojika no Kutsu/ A Fawn’s Shoes (solo)
  • Mishima Genkaisen/ Mishima City Limits (solo)

Trivia Edit

  • He's currently the only member who has vibrato.
  • Before Zen the Hollywood got their official name, they were known as the Shonen Hollywood Real Idol Project. Shige was a part of the Project's Spring Team, Spring deriving from the audition date being in May 2013.
  • He is a baseball fan.
  • He likes to play basketball.
  • It seems like Shige smokes, but it is also possible that he quit after he passed the audition in order to preserve his voice.
  • He adores his niece and plays with her from time to time.
  • If ZenHari was a family, Inoue believed that Shige would be the dad.
  • He wears the same choker necklace everyday, even under his stage outfit for concerts.

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