Minori Tomii



Biographical Information
Kanji 富井 実
Also Known as Tommy
Birthday January 1
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Anime Episode 3
Voice Actors
Japanese Daisuke Sakaguchi
He was a member of the old Shonen Hollywood and was called 'Tommy the Good Luck Charm'. When he was in Shonen Hollywood his dream was to be with everyone forever, but his dream didn't come true. He is now still working in the Showbiz.

When he was a kid he lived at Yamabiko Friends which is an orphanage. After a couple of years he visited the orphanage again and saw Daiki playing on his own. He encouraged him and promised that in the future Daiki will also make a lot of friends.

In the present, he gets a letter from Daiki and they both meet again after a lot of years. There Minori hands over the baton as 'Tommy the Good Luck Charm' to Daiki, meaning Daiki will become the new Tommy of Shonen Hollywood.

Hollywood color:Yellow

Fortune bears fruit, thst's how to spell Minoru Tomii! 17-year-old Tommy's in charge of improving your luck!

In the Shonen Hollywood's Musical stage play Tommy's role was played by Akazawa Tomoru.

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