Kyouichi Teshigahara
Biographical Information
Kanji 勅使河原 恭一
Also Known as Tesshi
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Masashi Nitta
He seems to be the assistance of the directeur and helps Shonen Hollywood with their practice. Tesshi is also voiced by Masashi Nitta the same person that played the role in the 2011 Shonen Hollywood Butai (Stage play about God since he was scouted and then joined the other 5 members later followed by Ryu).The creator "Ikuyo Hashiguchi" is the one that wrote the screenplay of the stage play, and in the Stage play they never disbanded and the former president did not die. They continued to be supported by Tesshi and the president. The anime version tells new original story that happens 15 years after the old members disbanded. (before the old members gone their way they said farewell to each other and Tesshi). 15 years later the new Shonen Hollywood with 5 new members were made by the new president whose God after his return, and also were supported by Tesshi like with the old members 15 years before. His loyalty, and love to Shonen Hollywood is and will be eternal no matter how many times Shonen Hollywood will be reborn. According to him.

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