Kira Saeki
Kanji 佐伯 希星
Romaji Saeki Kira
Biographical Information
Birthday July 22
Zodiac Cancer
Age 15 (season 1-2)
16 (season 2)
Relatives Mr. Saeki (father)
Yui Saeki (mother)
Grade Third year
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Daiki Yamashita
Up until just recently, I lived in the Star Kingdom. Can you see how I twinkle? I want to become your star of hope! I'm Kira Saeki, the youngest member of the group! I'm a third year in middle school and I'm 14!

–Kira's presentation.

Kira Saeki (佐伯 希星 Saeki Kira) is one of the members of Shōnen Hollywood. He is a former child actor and his parents are very wealthy. He's really serious about being an idol and has the most experience although he is the youngest in the group. His Hollywood Color is blue.


Kira has light brown hair with his fringe combed to the left side of his face. His hair is like Kakeru's, but much neater. He has sky blue eyes. Kira is normally wearing a white and blue jumpsuit with a white-and-blue striped shirt underneath. All his fans, even the boys, say he's cute.


Kira can be childish at times, but takes his job as an idol more serious then the others of the group. Despite being the youngest, Kira actually behaves more mature than the other boys, although this leads to him seeming more like an arrogant brat. In front of the fans, he acts like a little boy because that is what his fans imagine him as. Because of this, Kira does the most amount of work among the boys.

Originally, Kira was slightly hostile and unfriendly to the boys, but eventually bonds with them, especially with Tommy.


Everi since he was a child, Kira had been working himself to death. When he lost a baby tooth as a kid, he had to get a fake one. Throughout his elementary school years, Kira had to skip field trips most of the time. If he got nervous during location shoots, Kira would have an upset stomach, and his mother would solve this by asking him to bring a diaper. All this happened when Kira was still in elementary school. He was praised as a genius then, but was ignored by society once he wasn't a child anymore.

Despite all the sacrfices and hard work he'd done, Kira still wanted to be part of the entertainment industry.


Kira was introduced to the entertainment industry at a very young age without actually having a say in it. He was just taught to be number one, and wanted to live up to that. He was taught what to say to people to earn their favor.

In the first episode, Kira attempted to win the President's favor. He got praised but shot down. While practising for the Air Boys play, the President regarded Kira as "creepy" when acting because the way he spoke his lines sounded as if he was speaking them as someone else (his parents, namely).[1] Eventually, Kira confessed to Daichi (from the original Shounen Hollywood) that he found himself boring and unentertaining, but Daichi told him there was nothing wrong with that and helps him get over it. Now, Kira resolves to like himself more.


Daiki TomiiEdit

At the beginning of the series, Kira didn't seem to have much of a bond with any of the boys, but after the AIR BOYS play, he seemed to be quite friendly with Tommy especially, such as joining him to prank Kakeru, Makki, and Shun during the summer camp or having Tommy give him a piggyback ride in the second episode of the second season.

Shun MaiyamaEdit

These two don't get along too well, but Kira and Shun are the two members who snark the most, and sometimes, together.

Ikuma AmakiEdit

Kira insults Makki a lot, and Makki would tease him in return. They usually act friendly before fans, though, leading them to portray the duo as having a brotherly relationship.


  • His dream is to find a job where he can perform in front of people, even when he's middle aged.
  • It is implied strongly that while Kira enjoys attention and praise, he is actually very bitter about his lack of childhood.
  • His charm point, according to himself, is his face.
  • His special skills are acting with swords (fighting scenes) and painting.
  • His hobby is his foreign picture book collection. Lately he's also trying to keep up with videogames.
  • His favorite foods are fruits (cherry, grape, etc) and seaweed.
  • He's afraid of having poor health. Also, he's not good with ghosts.
  • His favorite song is Hello Sekai.
  • His school grades are excellent.

References Edit

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