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The first ending of the Shonen Hollywood anime.

Song: Hollywood Rule 1・2・5

By: Shonen Hollywood

Shonen hollywood ed 101:31

Shonen hollywood ed 1


Hitotsume no negai
Egao ga mitai na
Kimi no tanoshii kimochi
Takusan tsudzuku you ni

Futatsume no omoi
Nidoto kaeranu toki wo
Bokura ikiteru

Itsutsume no inori dakedo
Terekusakute ienai
Yuuki kudasai

Mamorimashou 1・2・5
Holly Holly Hollywood rules

Kanaemashou 1・2・5
Hurry hurry Hollywood rules

Itsutsume saa iu yo
Kimi no suneta kao namida
Zenbu hikiukeru yo
Kimi wo shiawase ni shitai

Wish Number 1:
I want to see you smile
I hope that you get to enjoy
A whole bunch of fun times

Hope Number 2:
I hope you always know how I feel
We're unable to go home
In our current lives

Prayer Number 5:
It's too embarrassing to say
Please give me courage

Let's obey rules 1・2・5
Holly Holly Holywood rules

Let's make them come true 1・2・5
Hurry hurry Hollywood rules

I'm going to say the fifth rule;
You cry when you pout
I will take all those tears unto myself;
I want to make you happy

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