Former President
Biographical Information
Kanji 元沙町
Also Known as President
Birthday Unknown
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Anime Episode 4 (mentioned)

Episode 15 (flashback)

Voice Actors
Japanese Daisuke Namikawa

History Edit

Not much is known about him beside the fact that he was the former and the first President of the Tokyo Hollywood, the Cat's savior and the creator of Shonen Hollywood. He was killed in an Accident sometime after he saved Cat and brought him to Hollywood Tokyo. According to Cat's POV it was revealed that He brought him to Hollywood Tokyo to be their (Shonen Hollywood's), guardian deity after he felt that his death was near. Sometime later less then a year after his death Shonen Hollywood disbanded. It's presumed that his death caused a big impact on them and triggered their sudden decision to disband while they were at their peak of Shine, Popularity, and Brilliance. According to Daichi He was strange, while Tommy said that he acted awful towards them, while smiling affectionately.

His role in the Shonen Hollywood Musical stage play was played by Tomita Masanori.

Side Note: In the most recent interview the creator Hashiguchi Ikuyo mentioned him. She said that she always imagined God to be eventually the president and for that to happen she unfortunately "had to kill" the former president (of the old Shonen Hollywood).

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