Episode 7
Japanese Title 人生に人生はかけられない
Romanized Title Jinsei ni jinsei wa kake rarenai
English Title You Cannot Devote Your Life to Your Life
Airdate Aug 17, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Hello Sekai by Shounen Hollywood
Ending Hello Sekai Popcorn ver. by Shounen Hollywood
Previous Episode Episode 6
Next Episode Episode 8
Kakeru singing isn't good and he decides to do something about it. Amaki tells him he is just embarrassed when he is singing and that's why his singing sounds weird. Shounen Hollywood goes outside and they come up with the idea that they will only sing if they want to tell something and Kakeru finally manages to sing well. They even tell their embarrassing lines on the street in front of a lot of people and Kakeru overcomes his embarrassment.

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