Episode 6
Japanese Title 雨の日の居場所
Romanized Title Ame no hi no ibasho
English Title A Place to Belong on Rainy Days
Airdate Aug 10, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Hello Sekai by Shounen Hollywood
Ending Maji de JIN JIN by Kakeru Kazami and Ikuma Amaki
Previous Episode Episode 5
Next Episode Episode 7
This episode is mainly about Amaki.

Amaki was buying something to eat where he meets his old friends, but they call him a jerk who left them.

The next day he tells Kakeru he's having a hard time pushing himself ever since the play ended. He's kind of worried about the fact he forgot his lines at the play. So he started to think it maybe isn't worth sticking around anymore. He might be dragging down the whole team. If he's not any good at this job either, he might not actually have a special place, is what he thought.

The next day Kakeru finds Amaki and Kira arguing outside in the rain. When they come inside Amaki tells he wants to quit being an idol. Saying: 'I'm not suited for working in the enterainment industry as an idol. I think this indusry is more for talented people like you, Kira.' Afterwards Kira tells him how hard he has worked to be as good as he is now and that Amaki isn't trying his best at all.

A couple days later Amaki decides not to quit, since he realized the place he belongs to is Shounen Hollywood.

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