The eight ending of the anime.

Song: Eien Never Ever

By: Shun Maiiyama (CV: Kensho Ono)

Eien Never Ever Bitter Chocolate Ver01:31

Eien Never Ever Bitter Chocolate Ver.


Atarashii kaze ni mejirushi tsuketara
Kitte no kawari sa doko made mo todoke

Kimi ni wa takusan no
Mada minu story
Kanzen soubi no mirai wa iranai

Kagiri nai yume hikare
Kagiri aru kisetsu kakenuke
Akogare atsumete ase wo kagayakase
Kimi dake no tokimeki

Hikare hikare sono sakini nani ga atte mo
Kimi ga soko ni iru ima ga tsuyo inda
Eien ni never ever forever

If I place a mark on a new wind,
It will serve as a stamp, traveling forever

There are still countless
Stories that you've yet to see
I don't need a fully equipped future

Endless dream, shine
Race through the limited seasons
Draw attention and let your sweat shine
This excitement belongs to you alone

Shine! Shine, no matter what lies ahead
With you here now, I am strong
Eternally, never ever forever

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