Daiki Tomii
Kanji 富井 大樹
Romaji Tomii Daiki
Other names Mii
Biographical Information
Birthday May 5
Zodiac Taurus
Age 16 (season 1)
17 (season 2)
Relatives None
Grade First year
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Shouta Aoi
I'm the luckiest boy in the whole world! I want to be in charge of boosting your luck! I'm Daiki Tomii and I'm 15! I'm a first year in high school! Keep me as your good luck charm, okay?

–Tomii's presentation.

Daiki Tomii (富井 大樹 Tomii Daiki), nicknamed "Mii" at first, is one of the members of Shōnen Hollywood. He is a big fan of the Shounen Hollywood from 15 years ago and would like to become just like them. His Hollywood Color is yellow.


Tomii has blonde hair and golden eyes. His hair is the messiest among the others as the ends stick up more than Shun's. His fringe is parted to the right. He wears an orange and black jumpsuit with an orange shirt underneath.


Tomii is a enthusiastic, easy-going, cheerful, caring, and sometimes childish person which leads him to be a bit naive at times. He is usually found with a smile on his face. Because of his cheerful personality he can get along well with children and is good friends with the kids at the orphanage. Although he's usually cheerful, he can end up snapping and being noticeably less pleasing under pressure, as seen on some later episodes.


Tomii has been living at Yamabiko Friends, an orphanage, since he was 5 years old. He became a fan of Shounen Hollywood when Minoru Tomii (the first Tomii) came to visit Yamabiko Friends, where he used to live in too. He was a member of Shonen Hollywood. In the present, Tommy sends Minoru a fan letter and tells him about that he has joined Shounen Hollywood.

After Minoru recieved the letter, he visits Hollywood Tokyo to meet Tomii (when he was still Mii). There they talk about the old Shonen Hollywood members and Tomii learnt that his predecessors dreams never came true. Minoru encourages Tomii and hands over the baton as "Tomii the Good Luck Charm" to his junior, meaning he will become the new Tomii of Shounen Hollywood.[1]


Minoru TomiiEdit

Tomii respects Tommy Sr highly, and in return, Tommy Sr favours his junior. Tommy Sr was the one who helped Tomii get to play a character in the 'Migratory Bird Cop' drama. That made Tomii feel guilty, though.

Kira SaekiEdit

They seem to get along quite well, despite Kira saying he doesn't like any of the boys in particular. During the summer camp, the two of them tried to play a prank on the other members while they slept. Kira also helps Tomii with practise and encouraged him during his time in 'Migratory Bird Cop'.


  • His dream is to keep on singing and dancing with everyone forever and stay with Shonen Hollywood forever.
  • Oddly, no one ever calls him by his first name 'Daiki', not even the other children in the orphanage.
  • His charm point, according to himself, is his smile.
  • His speciality are ball games and swimming (crawling).
  • His hobbies are reading and collecting memorabillia from the first Shonen Hollywood generation.
  • His favorite food are bowl dishes (such as beef bowl and oyakodon), candy and pastries.
  • He's afraid of getting shy.
  • His favorite song is Eien Never Ever.

References Edit

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