The horned owl that is the guardian deity of the theater. Goes to the theater together with Teshigawara, and goes home together with Teshigawara. Very sociable, and freely moves around within the theater. Edit

.He loves Shun but he hates Makki. His eyes are brown and his pupils are black.His feathers are brown in colour. There is a mark below his neck.There are different stands in the theatre where he sits. Edit

There is whole episode dedicated on his thoughts and that is episode 2 of season .When he was small his feathers were lighter than now.Cat likes to eat bugs and his favourite is crickets. Edit

Small catto

Small Cat

Past Edit

When he was small he fell from his nest and got seperated from his parents and then he was rescued by former president of original shounen hollywood.

Cat is a horned owl.His eyes are brown and his pupils is black.His hair colour is brown.There is a mark under his neck.he likes Shun and he hates Makki because he

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