Aki Kōsaka
Aki Kousaka
Kanji 皇坂 明希
Romaji Kōsaka Aki
Other names Ouji
Biographical Information
Birthday February 18, 1990
Age 28
Zodiac Aquarius
Color Pink
Today, like everyday, I want to gently embrace everyone. The one who loves tea is…

–Hollywood Call.

Aki Kōsaka (皇坂 明希 Kōsaka Aki) is a member of Zen the Hollywood and Maron A. His color is pink.


Ouji became a member of Zen the Hollywood in 2013.

Songs Edit

  • Eien Never Ever/ Eternally Never Ever
  • Hollywood Rule 1 2 5
  • Heart Zenboku Sengen!/ Full-Hearted Declaration!
  • Kiseki no YES/ The Miraculous YES
  • Seishun HAS COME/ Youth HAS COME
  • Air Boys
  • Maji de JIN JIN/ This Seriously Tingles (with Shige)
  • Earl Grey no Kisetsu (solo)
  • BUY or DIE (with Maron A)

Trivia Edit

  • He was part of the Spring Team before ZenHari got their name.
  • The original leader of the Shounen Hollywood Real Idol Project, Gocchan, gave Ouji his nickname. Gocchan liked the kanji that made up Aki's name and said that it fitted someone like a prince.
  • He gets along the most Tora-chan.
  • In the ZenHari family, Ouji is the mother of the "twins" and Tora-chan.
  • Ouji dances traditional Japanese fan dances. This was his talent during the Shounen Hollywood audition.
  • He has cross dressed before. It's usually for theater, though. He said that he knows that he looks like a woman.

Gallery Edit