The eleventh ending of the Shonen Hollywood anime.

Song: Akai Hako no Cracker ~Let's Party~

By: Kira Sakeki, Daiki Tomii, Shun Maiiyama

Akai Hako no Cracker ~Let's Party~01:31

Akai Hako no Cracker ~Let's Party~


saikou no horidi junbimantan
Are you ready?

ima sugu dekakeyou
yoru wo matenai sa

kimi no sukinamono sagaseba mune no kaneganaru
kirari hikaru sekai
nigiwau machi no oto Happy Music Thank You
(Let's party)

kimi ga yattekuru romantikku terekusai
(Let's party)
kimi ga yattekuru kiseki chokuzen isoganakya

itsuka toui mirai issho ni aketai na
akai hako ni tsumekoma reta takaramono
yakusoku dayo kitto kitto
Let's party tonight

Are the preparations set for the ultimate holiday?
Are you ready?

Let's head out right away
I can't wait for night

The bell in my chest rings when I search for something you'll like
The world seems to twinkle
The bustling town sounds like happy music; Thank you!
(Let's party)

You're coming; It's romatic and I'm embarrassed
(Let's party)
You're coming; The miracle is about to happen and I've gotta hurry

I'd like to open this with you someday in the distant future
It's my treasure, stuffed in a red box
It's a promise, so really now,
Let's party tonight

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